Best Rust Server Hosting

9 Best Rust Server Hosting 2022 (Review & Comparison)

Updated on: 01 Jan 2022

If you are looking for the best server for your Rust game, then go through this article as I have shortlisted 9 best rust server hosting.

Let’s start.

Best Rust Server Hosting in 2022

#1. GameServers

Gameservers has ties with some of the biggest hosting companies across the world that can offer you low latency connections from Asia to Europe. 

You get the data backup option if you are worried about data loss. 

With full server access and uMod and oxide, you can easily install mods on your rust server. Full FTP and web FTP allows you to easily modify any server file. 

You get automatic updates for your mods, free debranding, and DDoS protection to prevent source engine query attacks. 


  • 28 hosting locations Worldwide.
  • Custom control panel for easy control. 
  • Auto-updates for mods. 
  • Cheaper when bought in packages. 


  • Poor customer support. 
  • High price per slot. 

Best for: Players who like to play with friends around the globe.

#2. Host Havoc Game Server Hosting

Host Havoc Game Server Hosting

Host havoc is known for its reliable uptime and performance. With 11 locations globally, you can be sure of reliable low ping connections on your rust server. 

With full FTP access, you get access to file manager which makes it easy to self manage your server. 

With free DDoS protection and endless bandwidth, you can be worry-free of security vulnerabilities and bandwidth bottlenecks. Two-factor authentication is an added security to ensure peace of mind. 

For a fairly new company, host havoc has garnered more than 600 five-star reviews online further proving their excellent customer satisfaction. 


  • Excellent location coverage. 
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee. 
  • Full FTP access and DDoS protection. 
  • Easy to use control panel with custom templates for every game. 


  • Night shift support is slow. 

Best for: gamers who like to customize their servers and play with a global audience.

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#3. ServerBlend


Sever blend offers high-performance servers at a very competitive price. You get DDoS protection and debranding free of cost. 

Server blend also has one-click mod installs and automatic updates and a customizable TCAdmin control panel so that server maintenance by your side is minimal. 

With 24/7 support and a FAQ section that has all the common queries answered, you can be sure of fixing any hiccups during your setups. 


  • 14-day money-back guarantee. 
  • High-performance servers.
  • One-click mod installs. 
  • Responsive customer support. 


  • Only a monthly billing cycle option is available. 

Best for: players who need excellent performance under load. 

#4. GameServer Kings

GameServer Kings

Gameserver kings offers dedicated server hosting with powerful servers and multiple configuration options of 60 slots and 200 slots. 

With customizable automated backups, support for one-click mod install, and FTP access so you can modify server configuration as per your needs.

You get free DDoS protection to prevent source query attacks that safeguard your bandwidth. 

With global location coverage and a 24/7 ticketing option with customer support, you experience a responsive gaming experience with game server kings. 


  • Global location coverage. 
  • Automatic backups and updates.
  • Full FTP access.
  • Mod manager GUI for easy control.
  • 24/7 customer support. 


  • Low number of maximum slots. 
  • Expensive per slot pricing. 

Best for: players who want to play with players in different countries. 

#5. GTXGaming

With support for offsite backups, solid DDoS protection, RCON support, and the option to switch your rust server suitable to host other games

You get a one-click mod install along with automatic mod updates, server updates, and scheduled server wipes to reduce the manual task of maintaining your server. 


  • Daily offsite backup for data security. 
  • Easy game server setup through control panel
  • Excellent location coverage. 


  • Paid server migration.
  • The game panel is confusing. 

Best for: For players who want to play multiple games with gamers across the globe. 

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#6. PingPerfect


If you are new to game servers, then the excellent knowledge base and the intuitive control panel of ping perfect is the best choice for you. 

Ping perfect has over 600 tips and tricks, and step by step tutorials to help you set up the server. 

Ping perfect has automatic systems that will instantly install your server soon after the purchase. You also get 1GB of web hosting for free. 

With the easy to use game panel offering simple configuration, you can easily set up your server for different games. 

Ping perfect also offers a 48-hour free trial along with a 24-hour refund so you can make sure the servers suit your needs. 

You get 24/7 customer support with well-trained support staff for timely fixes for your issues. 


  • Support for a variety of games.
  • Enterprise-level hardware for excellent performance. 
  • Intuitive game panel 


  • Slow performance during high loads 

Best for: players who plan on using the server for multiple games

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Cheap Rust Server Hosting

#7. Citadel Servers

Citadel Servers

Citadel servers offer Rust servers at just $0.18 per slot with a minimum of 50 players per slot which amounts to $9 a month. You can get up to 400 slots with citadel servers. 

You get the option to upgrade for added performance in case you plan on running a larger server later. 

Citadel has servers in Kansas, new york, texas, Seattle, Florida, Atlanta, Chicago, California, and Virginia. 

With one click oxide mod install option, global location coverage, and a graphical configuration tool, Citadel offers the best value for money.  


  • Fast servers.
  • Excellent customer support. 
  • Affordable plans. 
  • Free DDoS protection. 


  • No refund policy for early access games

Best for: players who want to buy hosting in bulk. 

#8. Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks

If you are on a budget, nitrous networks offer high-performance servers that can handle heavy loads with ease. 

Nitrous networks have unique features like free web hosting,  mumble server, debranding, and free DDoS protection to prevent denial of service attacks on your server.  

With a decade-old experience in-game hosting, nitrous networks offer fast support times so you can count on them to fix any technical issues you may run into.  


  • High-performance servers
  • Free web and mumble server hosting
  • Excellent support times 


  • No auto-updating mods. 
  • Limited location coverage
  • Expensive plans per slot.

Best for: gamers with heavy bandwidth requirements.

#9. LOW.MS


LOW.MS is a new company that offers great rust servers for a competitive price. 

LOW.MS offers location support in regions like America, Europe and Australia, and parts of Asia with the Singapore data center. 

You get the benefit of a huge catalog of games that are supported with custom game panels. 


  • Support for niche games. 
  • Experienced team behind the company. 
  • Excellent support. 


  • Relatively new company so reliability of service remains to be seen. 

Best for: if you intend to play niche games that other providers don’t support.

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Things to consider while choosing the best rust server hosting

Support Times

If you are new to game servers, or an experienced one, it is easy to accidentally delete one server configuration that causes the server to shut down and not turn back online. 

High Performance Under Load 

After your server has built a good reputation, it is more likely that you will end up with an influx of new people into your server. So Choosing a server that can handle high loads. 

In times like this, the support times of your game server are important. Server providers with ticketing for queries and 24/7 support are a good option to ensure the uptime of your server. 

Automatic Server Backup

To ensure you don’t lose your game progress, go with a service provider that offers automatic backup of your data. 

Server Location

Global server locations of the server provider are better for you to achieve low ping times when you are playing with people from all over the planet. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a budget rust server, with decent performance for yourself, then the citadel servers is a great option. 

If you intend to play with your friends around the globe with very low ping rates, then host havoc offers a high-performance rust gaming server with a global server location presence.