9 Best Website Hosting For Musicians 2021 (Review & Comparison)

In the era of digital world, online presence is a must. You must have a website if you are a musician that represent you and your work online.

To get a flawless website, you need a solid hosting provider that would provide platform for your website creation as well as amazing technical support in case something wrong happens at the backend.

We have curated a list of 9 best website hosting providers for musicians to build up a personal music library or website for seamless experience.

In the end of article, you would also learn about important parameters to consider while finalizing the best website hosting for musicians.

Best Website Hosting For Musicians

#1. BlueHost 

Best Magento Hosting

#3. A2 Hosting

Best Website Hosting For Musicians

Best Hosting For Musicians

#4. Greengeeks

Best Cheap Hosting for WordPress

Best Music Website Hosting Providers

#7. SiteGround

Best Rust Server Hosting

Best Music Hosting Sites for Videos

#9. StableHost

Linux vs Windows Hosting

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Website Hosting for musicians


The hosting provider with customizable pages so you can create landing pages for your audience to share information regarding new releases and shows. 

One-Click Applications

If you are using a website builder, applications like count down timers, big date and time formats for your website page will help you to easily communicate with your fans regarding updates. 


If you have a decent fan following, then having an e-commerce shop attached to your website helps you to sell merchandise. 

Video Clips 

A hosting provider with enough bandwidth in which you can upload exclusive behind the scenes, teasers and show performances to engage with your audience. 

e-Mail Collecting Form 

E-mail is a great way to engage with your audience on a timely basis and to let them know about your schedule and upcoming songs. So having an e-mail collection form or a prompt is a great way to build your e-mail list. 

Final Thoughts

If you are a beginner musician looking for a cheap way to host your music online then iPage is a great option. 

If you are already starting with a sizable audience, the site ground offers you a sufficient upgrade path when your audience grows.