Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

Linux Vs Windows Hosting: Difference Between Both The Hostings

Updated on: 03 Jan 2022

If you are confused between Linux hosting and window hosting you will find all your answers here. Linux and windows are just two different operating systems which provides you with an interactive User interface to manage your hosting.

Let’s understand Linux hosting and window hosting. 

What Is Linux Hosting 

Linux hosting uses Linux, an open-source operating system, to run its servers. Open source means that Linux can be used, modified and redistributed freely for any kind of use. This makes Linux the most widely used operating system among web hosting providers. 

Linux based hosting is the most affordable hosting for you to host your websites. Linux hosting supports all the popular Content Management Systems (CMS) that includes WordPress, Magneto among others. Linux provides you with highly secure hosting keeping you free from the worry of hacker attacks.

You can easily manage the hosting with web hosting management software CPanel. You can easily understand the basics of Cpanel even if you are a beginner. 

cPanel Linux Hosting

On Linux hosting the things works almost the same even if you move from one hosting provider to another. The standard CPanel on Linux hostings makes the process of changing hosting provider non-disruptive. 

The Linux operating systems are very stable that guarantee you with very high uptime with Linux based hosting. That means your website will be available online for most of the times. The hosting providers commit to uptime for 99.9% of the time with Linux based hosting. 

The Linux based web hosting enables you to install only those features that you will need which is a useful customization option. The Linux hosting supports almost all the programming languages except for those based on windows infrastructure.

With the Linux hosting, you will get an extremely stable website with top-level in-build security features like port-block. Even the search engine giant Google uses the Linux operating system on their servers.

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What Is Window Hosting 

Window hosting runs with the Microsoft windows server operating system that comes at a premium price. Windows hosting provides you with powerful end-to-end management, scalable and reliable features.

You should go for windows hosting if you plan to use Microsoft specific application on your website. 

That could include 

  • Active Server Page (ASP) Classic
  • MS Access
  • Visual Basic
  • C#
  • Remote desktop

There are many other Microsoft application available for use on servers that would require you to purchase a separate licence. 

Microsoft is widely popular, and its products are used by millions daily. The ability to easily integrate any Microsoft product with your website is beneficial. If you already depend on multiple windows tools, then Windows hosting is a great option for you.

If you have built your website using the Microsoft ASP.NET or you are using MS-SQL databases to manage your database, then go for windows hosting. You would get better stability and uptime. 

Windows hosting uses Plesk as web hosting management software. This interactive user interface helps you create and manage multiple websites and domains. 

Plesk Windows Hosting

You can enhance the web site’s security, improve the site performance or add the new application on your website using Plesk. There are multiple extensions available that help you add more functions to control panel.

With windows hosting, you get to integrate Microsoft applications to your website easily. You will receive frequent security updates while using windows hosting. You will also get a neat graphical interface to manage your websites. 

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Difference Between Linux vs Window Hosting

#1. Operating System

  Linux is an open-source free operating system while windows come under paid licencing. 

Linux operating system based hosting is known to provide better stability and security than windows.

Windows being a licensed software receives constant updates from time to time while such a thing is missing in Linux.

#2. Application Support

There are many Microsoft server-site applications that are only supported by windows hosting are given below. 

  • Active Server Page (ASP) Classic
  • MS Access
  • Visual Basic
  • C#
  • Remote desktop

The web applications that work better on Linux

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CGI
  • Perl
  • Python

While you can install WordPress on Windows hosting also, but it is better to use Linux based hosting. As plenty of material is available online for troubleshooting WordPress in Linux servers.

While PHP and MySQL are open-source languages but they are supported by both Linux and Windows hosting.

#3. Stability 

Linux hosting is used on almost 80% of all websites because of its stability. Linux based hosting providers commit to 99.9% uptime. 

You can modify or update your Linux servers without the need of rebooting them which is not possible with windows. There are many Linux servers that haven’t been rebooted in years and are running smoothly. 

Windows servers need to be rebooted frequently due to updates or other reasons. This reduces the uptime of a website drastically and making them less stable.

#4. Security

Linux is believed to provide you with the most secure hosting with its built-in security mechanisms. Linux secures your website as it gives you an option install only the packages you need and by helping you block the port to avoid unauthorised access. 

These security features among many others help you secure your websites from virus attacks or abuses. Using a firewall will further enhance the security of your website.

In the case of windows, there is limited in-built security and you would need to use a firewall or anti-virus to protect yourself from attacks.  

Although Reputated hosting companies are able to secure your websites on an administrative perspective by altering you if there is a virus attack. Some recent online attacks have shown that windows servers are more vulnerable to attack than Linux servers.

#5. Reliability

Being open-source Linux receives updates for the slightest issue that need fixing while Microsoft pushes for updates to fix major issues only.

Linux updates are faster and do not disrupt your work in any way while windows updates can be annoying at times.

cPanel of Linux based hosting also enables you to keep your applications and software updates without your interference.

#6. Ease Of Use

You can access and manage the windows hosting server easily because of its highly interactive user interface. A beginner can learn to use windows hosting very quickly and efficiently. 

In the case of Linux based hosting, you would need more time to fully understand the functionality and operations of the hosting interface. 

Plesk user interface is used in windows hosting which comparatively easy to use than CPanel of Linux based hosting as of now. 

#7. Flexibility

Linux is an open-source operating system that provides you with greater flexibility. You can customise many things to your Linux based hosting compared to windows hostings.

There is plenty of application and tools that are available for Linux hostings to help you make changes as per your requirement. 

#8. Cost

Windows operating system has a premium cost while Linux is open-source which is available for free to your hosting providers.  You would need to pay way less to your hosting provider compared to windows hosting. 

In case of windows hosting you would need to pay extra for getting new features or applications. But in case of Linux hostings, many of the services and add-on applications are available for free.

The overall cost of Linux based hosting is far less compared to windows based hosting.

#9. Technical Support

Technical support would mostly depend on the hosting provider you choose rather than the operating system. 

A windows hosting comes with technical support from Microsoft and you will receive regular system updates and security fixes for a windows server. 

In the case of  Linux based hosting, you will only get support from your hosting provider. But there are tons of video available on youtube to troubleshoot or for adding adding new features to your hosting.

#10. Who should use

Linux hosting is for you if you are looking hosting for your WordPress website. Linux hosting will provide you with most economical hosting which is highly stable. Also plenty of troubleshooting material is available online for Linux hosting.

You should only use windows hosting if you are going to use a windows specific application or programs. If you have to build your website using ASP.NET then it will only work in window hosting. 

Windows hosting could be cost-saving if you are already using many licenced Microsoft applications to run your business.

In most cases, Linux hosting will provide you with better functionality and security compared to windows hosting.

Final Word 

Linux based hosting is more popular and preferred choice among web developer as it provides you with more features. You should use windows based hosting only if your website needs window specific application 

Linux based hosting provides better security at an economical price. Even the most popular websites Google and Amazon use Linux based hosting.